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Great 300$ Roundtrip Fare US to China non-stop on AA/UA! Availability Wide Open.

I'm seeing some very cheap deals to China in economy starting at just $305 round-trip on many major airlines, including United, American & Japan Airlines!

The deals are from major U.S. cities like Boston (BOS), Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO), but I'm also seeing similar deals from cities such as St. Louis (STL). Play around with Google flights and see if there's a deal that fits your plan.

What makes it better - the availability is wide open! Seems like any date from October to December before Christmas would work!

This is a great fare for anyone traveling to Asia/China. If you need to travel to Asia but don't live in one of those major cities, try booking a separate ticket to those places.

One thing to point out though - this is a "saver" fare (X fare cabin). This means that the fare is not upgradable (miles or cash) or changeable/refundable. But for those who have a fixed travel plan, again, it's an amazing steal. Also a great way to take some time off during the Thanksgiving break!

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