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Iberia T4 Sala Dali Madrid: Function, Functional, Functionality!

A review on my visit to Iberia T4 Sala Dali Lounge at Madrid's Schengen area.

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Arriving from JFK, I decided that T4 in Madrid was a clean open space with a very transit friendly design (very clear signage everywhere). After passing EU Immigration, I found my way to the IB Lounge at T4. Connected off a transatlantic business class, thus as per the oneworld policy, I have access to the lounge in Madrid even though I am connecting to a domestic economy service.

It was not hard to find the lounge with the signages. The entrance was clear and bright. Business class passengers as well as oneworld elite members were eligible for access.

This was in fact my first time in a European “Domestic” lounge. Needless to say, it was wayyyyyyy better than the carrots and celeries United and American were trying to feed in their clubs.

The food spread was great in my opinion. Although lacking hot options, it was perfectly adequate considering the purpose of the lounge. Fresh salads, variety of cold beverages, coffee, toasts, and … Haagen - Dazs ice cream? Hmmm. Did not expect that.

I graciously took a salad, some juice, water, and an ice cream. The salad looked and tasted just like the ones sold downstairs in the coffee shops.

The seating in the lounge was abundant, and the view from the lounge was great. Not FLAGSHIP great, but you know, still pretty great.

Finally, I decided to check out the showers. They were clean and efficient, although they were on the small side. Worth to mention, the water pressure in the shower was excellent (cough cough Flagship Lounge JFK). It did its job perfectly.

An extremely functional space with everything one could need. Showers, food, rest - this is a great place to relax and spend a few hours in in transit. I could’t ask for more in this case.

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