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AA Flagship Lounge JFK - Admirals Club+++

A review on my visit to AA Flagship Lounge JFK.

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After arriving on an AA short hop from DCA, I had 3 hours left to spend before my flight across the pond. My flight to Madrid was scheduled to depart at 8:45 pm. And yes, from T7. Any normal person could figure that the British Airways Galleries Lounge at T7 was probably a disaster at that particular time in the evening with all the LHR flights - therefore, I decided to stay in T8 at the AA Flagship Lounge.

Personally, I have stayed at this lounge many times before - even before it was rebranded - when it was still known as the "International First Class Lounge". Access had been limited to OWEs and First Class travelers by then. However, after the remodel and the expansion, the lounge access had been redefined as well. Currently, Oneworld Sapphire members as well as international/transcontinental business class are given access as well. So the lounge can get quite busy at peak hours.

Upon entrance to the lounge, there was a small seating area that immediately follows. The lounge divided itself into areas with various seating options.

On the left, there was a quiet room section where passengers can catch up on few hours of sleep (we missed our flight last time doing this - made ourselves too comfy there obviously).

On the other side of the lounge there was the buffet. (Sorry I did not take more pictures of the buffet!!) AA Flagship Dining is available in this lounge, which could only be accessed with a(n) International/transcontinental F ticket (or CK). More on that coming later.

I took some of each...

The lounge offered some of the most spectacular views of the tarmac.

There were more seating areas to choose from.

The shower suites were located at the rear end of the lounge. If I remembered correctly, there were at least 8 of them. The suites did vary in sizes slightly, however they all offered big spaces to freshen up.

In each suite, there were Co.Bigelow products available for use. While I prefer Aesop, the products were still of good quality.

However, one thing I disliked about the shower was the water pressure - which was disappointing, to say the very least. I don’t know if it was a general problem or just a peak time issue, but AA do need to look in to it to provide a better customer experience. But still, the suites were quite spacious.

There it goes! My ride to Madrid!

Generally speaking, AA’s Flagship Lounge at JFK did not disappoint. While overcrowding could be an issue at times, it is a nice functional space to relax in, with good food, nice seating, and good shower suites. I do wish to see how it compares with the LAX rendering.

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