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Iberia A320 Economy MAD-BCN: Convenient Intercity "Coach" Transfer

A review on my trip on board Iberia Airbus 320 Series in EconomyClass from MAD-BCN.

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Boarding was, again, a bit of a pain due to the one-jet-bridge situation. Because my JFK-MAD was booked under Premium Economy (and I did not add my CX Emerald number due to my BA MR), I was assigned to board Group A (just after Business Class Boarding). However I did arrive late from the lounge, so..... it is on me.

I was greeted by the purser upon entering the aircraft. There were 4 and half rows of “business class”. I hope you all understand what intra-european “business class” is - economy+no middle seat+a little bit of extra food. On this matter, we are lucky that at least US carriers have real first class seats on the domestic flights.

Then it was followed by the economy cabin.

The seats in economy had very thin paddings. I personally did not like them. But for a 1 hour flight - fair enough.

The legroom was not-so-generous either - according to seat guru, it is only 28’. I am 5’11 and I felt kind of stuck. Eh. Cannot ask for too much I suppose.

Madrid - waiting for departure.

Food and Beverages were available for purchase - in case anyone is interested, here were some of the prices.

I could not ask for too much and I didn’t expect too much. The flight was a commute - no body expected it to be like Singapore Airlines Suite. It got me to the destination - and that’s all it intends to do. Therefore, fair enough. Cannot fault them.

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