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Neptuno Lounge T4S Madrid - Not So Priority Pass

A review on my visit to the Neptuno Lounge located in Satellite T4 at Madrid International Airport.

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Perfect day at Madrid. Again, this trip was intentioned as a MR for BA - therefore I did not have access to the Iberia Lounge because of my BA number in the booking (which was up to that date, still blue).

Walking into the lounge, the seating areas felt very spacious thanks to its open design.

More seatings down the corridor.

At the end of the corridor, there were 3 shower suites. They were generally well kept and spacious, although the lighting was dim, IMO.

The shower itself was perfectly functional. The water pressure was good.

After the shower, I checked out the food stations, which offered an extensive selection, especially for a priority pass lounge.

Hot food selection.

More bread to choose from.

Cold appetizers.

A coffee machine.

Drinks selection.

Here it described the various hot selections the lounge offered throughout the season.

Salad, yogurt, and more beverages.

I sampled some food, which all tasted pretty good.

In general, the Neptuno Lounge was very satisfying for a priority pass lounge. Showers, extensive food selections, various seatings - I would rate it higher than any of the AMEX Centurion lounges. Be sure to stop by if you are transiting in Madrid.

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