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AA Flagship Dining @ LAX - Fine Fine Fine Dining

A review on my dining experience at the Flagship Dining LAX.

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As soon as I entered the dining room, a friendly waitress brought me to a table.

I was offered a menu. There were plenty of All Day Dining options. I ordered the salad, a sample of scallops and short rib.


I ordered a Virgin Mojito (mocktail) which was brought to be within minutes.

The salad came first, Classic. Great presentation. Tasted… like salad.. and more.

Scallops came next. I sampled a smaller dish. Incredibly impressed by the presentation and taste that I couldn’t stop myself from ordering a full plate.

Short ribs. Very flavorful - wow. Combination of flavors were perfectly balanced - although the short ribs were slightly overcooked.

Another perfect plate of scallops.

Sumptuous meal! Even more impressed by the flagship dining concept. I did not expect that they could bring such quality meals into their lounges. Unfortunately, none of my family member travels JFK-LAX/SFO because of our base in DCA/IAD, but I will definitely recommend it to them even it means a connection at JFK.

My AA Flagship First experience was completed. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed. This integrated experience far exceeds my definition of AA, or any transcontinental carrier. I was expecting something good, but nothing THIS good. Great experience.

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