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AA Flagship Lounge LAX - AA Haven

A review on my visit to the AA Flagship Lounge LAX.

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One of the little known perks of flying transcontinental Flagship product AA offers is that you get lounge access on both ends. I flew JFK-LAX, therefore I had access to Flagship Dining and lounge at both JFK and LAX. It seems to be an “inherent” rule, which is not stated in any documents, but it seems like the agents at the lounges are already very familiar with this policy.

Anyway, the entrance to the lounge was very clear. The check in was located on the first floor, while the lounge itself was on the second floor.

First thing I did is to check out the shower. The shower was located on the corridor leading to Flagship First Dining. I asked the agent at the front desk for the key and she took my boarding pass.

The shower was bright and modern - the design seems to be consistent through all the AA lounges.

The shower was very comfortable - water pressure is great and the products are Co-Bigelow once again. It was quite refreshing.

Near the shower area, there was a quiet area - which comfortable lounge chairs to snooze in, and some work spaces as well. I stayed there and guess what I was doing there - BOOKING THE TICKETS FOR THE IBERIA PROMOTION (HAHA!)

The main lounge was quite crowded but I did take some photos. The lounge again offers great view of the tarmac - although slightly obstructed at times - unlike the clear view in JFK.

There were various seating areas to choose from.

There were water stations at multiple locations in the lounge and one main food area.

I took some pictures of the food stations although I did not try it myself because of the Flagship Dining facility. The food looked really good and there were a wide selection of drinks in case anyone is interested. Worth to mention, there was a station that offered freshly made fried rice.

I left the lounge soon to check in to my Singapore Airlines flight to Seoul at TBIT - stay tuned for the review!

AA Flagship Lounge LAX represents the high quality on par with the one at JFK. Good selection of food and drinks, good shower, various seating - if you are Oneworld Emerald/Sapphire or flying international/transcontinental business/first class - don’t forget to spend some time here!

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