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Star Alliance Business Class Lounge @ LAX

A review on my visit to Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX.

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Security at TBIT was horrendous. There were tons of people in the line. I recommend clearing security at T4 and then connect to TBIT airside (especially at peak times). No priority screening either. I was lucky to have it cleared in 30 minutes as they opened a new lane when it was my turn.

I took my walk to the Star Alliance Lounge. The signages were not clear - I was confused about where it was located since I have never been there before. But I found it eventually.

Signature shot of the entrance.

Although I have access to F section, I decided to stay at the J section for some time as it was rated one of the best alliance lounges in the world.

Again, shower first (although I have already taken two at the Flagship Lounge LAX and JFK the same day). Luckily I did not have to wait. Sometimes it can be hard to get at peak departure time (yes, around midnight, of course).

The shower was spacious and clean. I had a very nice shower overall.

After shower - food. The lounge offered a wide range of selection of cold or hot, Asian and Western selection - including freshly made noodles. For a business class lounge, this is pretty impressive food spread in my opinion.

The lounge was moderately crowded. I couldn’t imagine what would happen around 10 pm when all the midnight Asian departures take place. However, for one thing, seating was ambient in the lounge. Indoor, patio, terrace etc.

There was a small media room. impressive outdoor terrace - very nice place to relax and watch planes (#avgeek). I really liked the feature.

Then I spent the rest of the time in the private F section - which was quite nice. Report coming up as well.

Star Alliance Lounge @LAX was an impressive alliance lounge - no wonder it had been rated one of the best in the world. However, crowding could be a real issue - so know what to expect!

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