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Star Alliance First Class Lounge @ LAX

A review on my visit to Star Alliance First Class Lounge at LAX.

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Upon entrance and a quick boarding pass check, I was escorted to the seating area by a lounge agent. The First Class section was a secluded little space for F pax on Star Alliance flights (NH, SQ, LH, LX, CA, OZ).

Fact: It is actually connected to the Business Class Lounge by a secret entrance in the back.

It was a small lounge, but was decorated very exquisitely - which did remind me of a hotel lounge. The whole lounge gives a welcoming feel, which I enjoyed.

Seatings included a sit-down dining area and a general lounge area.

When seated, I was presented with an a la carte menu. I was also told to feel free to make choices from the buffet. (However the agent took the a la carte menu from me right away after I ordered, so I apologize for not having a chance to take the picture of the menu. But below was the buffet spread.

I got some macarons from the buffet - which were quite nice.

Not being extremely hungry, I ordered the shrimp ceviche from the a la carte menu, which was brought to me by a "chef" within minutes. Tasted great - citrusy, tangy, flavorful. However I did try to control myself as I had a "book the cook" ordered on the upcoming SQ flight.

The lounge started empty, but a few passengers from the Lufthansa flight to Munich joined me. I couldn’t imagine it to be “busy” at any time, given how few flights offer first class nowadays.

In sum - cozy, private space, did its job perfectly, and complements the J lounge. Although it cannot rival the Qantas First Lounge next door, it was a good experience overall.

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