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Seoul Incheon Airport Capsule Hotel "Darakhyu" - Perfect Transit Space

A review on my stay at the Incheon Airport Capsule Hotel -"Darakhyu".

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I arrived at ICN around 10 30 pm from LA and cleared immigration in 2 minutes thanks to the meet and greet SQ arranged for me as an unofficial "unaccompanied minor". The Asiana ground staff picked me up at the gate and we breezed through all the formalities.

The lovely ground agent also walked me all the way to the capsule hotel, which was located rather far away from the main terminal. Kudos to the great lady!

Having booked online prior to the flight (and I recommend doing so at least a week prior to be guaranteed a room), I was promptly checked in and offered the keys as well as a complimentary bottle of water.

There was a small seating area near Check In.

The hotel looked very modern and clean.

I arrived at my capsule. The first impression was very nice - immaculate everywhere, quiet and spacious.

The room itself was extremely functional and clean. Was not claustrophobic at all. Booked a single room with shower. Everything I could ask for in an airport hotel, seriously... at 10 dollars per night...

The bed was very comfortable and plush. With the thick duvet, it can get hot sometimes, however. But you could control the temperature in the room with a push of a button, which was a nice feature.

The shower was clean and very well-maintained.

If you booked a room without a shower, there was public showers available that was very clean too. Although it was called "public shower" - it was very private. You can expect something quite similar to a nice clean shower suite that you can normally find in a lounge.

There was no toilet in the room. However, there was a public bathroom within 10 seconds walking distance in the hotel. The bathroom was very well kept as well. I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the space in general.

There were more shower suites in the bathroom.

I slept soundly for a good 6 hours before I went back to the terminal to catch my 8 am flight to Beijing. (with each booking, one can stay for 12 hours, but due to my flight schedule I cannot fully take advantage of the full 12 hour) Overall, a very nice surprise. Very clean - the whole hotel was immaculate in fact. For such a price, I would not hesitate to spend a night here again in transit.

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