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Singapore Airlines 777 New First Class SQ7 LAX-ICN - Style & Comfort

A review on my trip on board Singapore Airlines 777-300ER in First Class from LAX-ICN.

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Secret summer "runaway" from US - also positioning for a OW mileage run! Being kept in the "cage" for a year, summer is when I "release" myself into the air extensively. SUPER long crazy routings, connections, stopovers - I can't help but enjoy the time!

It took me 10 minutes to walk to the gate from the star alliance lounge. On my way there, a Lufthansa whale started pushing back on it's journey to Munich (Lufthansa seems to have shifted more focus to Munich with their plan in moving the A380s from Frankfurt).

Asiana recently downguaged their 2nd daily LAX flight to an A350. From the distance, you can see the sweet 77W that would bring me to Incheon. Registration - 9V-SNA - a 3.4-year-old 777-300ER. (trivia: SNA was previously fitted with 8 New F seats at delivery but then was standardized into 4)

I was extremely excited - this was in fact my first time on the refurbished 77W - last year when flying SIN-DXB they swapped the new 77W for the old one last minute (I wasn't very happy about that - you can tell).

When I arrived, F pre-boarding was called complete (but no one in F had actually boarded by then haha!) and I went onboard with business class passengers. Boarding was extremely organized and efficient. A huge kudos to the ground crew! However, worth to mention, business class and first class both boarded through the door 1L, so there were some foot traffic going on.

After a warm welcome, I was escorted to 1A. The cabin looked extremely stylish and sleek - with 4 quilted leather (I love quilted leather!!!!!) first class seats. Once again, I love the color tone on SQ - very sophisticated.

My seat of the day - 1A.

View from the window while boarding.

The LSS and LS then came to introduce themselves. They offered me a drink and a hot towel immediately and brought out the amenity kit. To my surprise, it was the new Lalique kit(!!!) (I thought those were only available on new A380s), instead of the old Ferragamo that I was expecting. For those interested, SQ gives out unisex kits when departing from an outstation and male/female kits when departing Singapore.

(Photo Courtesy: Sam Chui)

Slippers were Lalique branded as well. They were comfy - I reuse them at home as well!

Bose headphone from SQ.

Here was what the Lalique PJ looked like. (Photo Courtesy: One Mile At a Time). They were very stylish - finally found a replacement for my usual PJ from CX. (I still have a huge pile of them at my house though...)

Menu was distributed as I settled down. 3 other passengers joined me in F at that point. Full cabin today.

I decided to check out the bathroom and change into the Lalique PJ. The bathroom was very well-lit and spacious - with a Hollywood style mirror. The toiletries were not out yet, as we were still on the ground.

Those are the pictures of the toiletries taken after takeoff. A facial mist, a body lotion, and a EDT - from Lalique.

The PJ was very comfy. Again, time for my CX F PJ to retire.

I went back to my seat, had another hot towel (counted 3 already!) and then push back started on time. Nice day @ LAX with the usual "TBIT view".

As we taxi, I took the time to check out the menu on this flight. Meanwhile, the crew came to confirm my book the cook order - Boston Lobster Thermidor. I wonder how it would compare with the version out of Singapore... It will sure be an interesting comparison.

Takeoff timelapse

Immediately after takeoff, I was offered another round of drink and some mixed nuts (love the caramelized walnuts on SQ!).

Some great view outside as we prepare to leap across the pacific.

Dinner service started immediately. Table was set, water and garlic bread were served.

Everything started with caviar. I preferred the SQ caviar service to the one Cathay Pacific offered. But unfortunately, there is no corresponding caviar spoon offered.

Pumpkin soup was the next course. I did not particularly enjoy the soup - too heavy to my preference. I always like the Asian option for that reason. But it was rich and flavorful.

A salad was served with balsamic dressing. Nothing spectacular. Weird vegetables I would say.

Then came my book the cook order. FYI, I was not the kind of person who particularly like seafood - but I decided to give this classic SQ dish a try. It did not disappoint. In addition to its great presentation, it was very flavorful, and tangy. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish. Compared to my experience with the same dish out of Singapore, I would still say the one in Singapore wins as it was richer and more moist.

I was extremely full at the point, but still decided to finish off the meal with a light dessert.

The service was very well-paced, and the crew was extremely attentive - kept refilling my glass, asking if I wanted more bread etc.. Singapore Airlines level of service won't fail to impress.

After playing around with the IFE, I asked the crew for the bed to be made - which they happily obliged. SQ special "turn-down" service (I mean it literally - the signature "seat -turned-down (flipped)" for the bed to be made).

Very comfortable bed - Lalique branded duvet, pillow etc.. Three pillows for me. Plush, comfortable and spacious, even if you are a side sleeper.

A few more episodes of Big Bang Theory in the comfortable bed.

Played around with some of the seat features.

There was a convenient storage compartment right next to the seat.